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Zauriel Rat (4)
New Earth
Real name Zauriel
Alias Zauriel
Gender Male
Family The Presence (creator); Angels (siblings)
Affiliation Shadowpact; Justice League of America
First appearance JLA vol 1 #6 (Jun 1997)
Universe Post-Crisis/New Earth
Alternate versions see Zauriel (disambiguation)


Zauriel was once a member of the Eagle Host, one of the Four Angel Hosts of Heaven. Since the dawn of creation, Zauriel served the Presence as a guardian angel, protecting the souls of countless women, including Cleopatra, Mona Lisa, and Joan of Arc. Then he fell in love with a mortal female and willingly gave up his divinity to be with her.

While in mortal form, he helped the Justice League to defeat the hosts of rogue angel Asmodel and later joined their ranks, giving the team a spiritual focus. He sacrificed his mortal life in the League's fight against Mageddon in order to return to Heaven and persuade the rest of the angelic host to come to Earth's aid. In recognition of his sacrifice, Zauriel was permitted once more to return to Earth, where he became mortal and was a guiding light both to Hal Jordan (when he was known as the Spectre) and to the young Hawkgirl among others.

Post-Crisis/New Earth[]