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Zara-Priestess of the Crimson Flame thumb
Real name Zara
Alias Priestess of the Crimson Flame
Gender Female
Alignment Bad
Occupation Priestess
Family Unnamed father
Affiliation Villainy Inc
First appearance Comic Cavalcade vol 1 #5 (Dec 1943)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-Two
Alternate versions none
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Zara was the fiery high priestess of the Cult of the Crimson Flame and later a member of Villainy Inc. She was born in Arabia, and while still a young girl she was sold into slavery by her own father. This led her to despise all men in power; as an adult, she revenged herself upon them by starting the Cult of the Crimson Flame, which wooed the daughters of those men into worshiping a strange and ruthless God of Fire. Eventually, the Cult met its match in Wonder Woman.

Zara was then sent to Transformation Island to be reformed of her criminal ways. On occasion, however, she escaped to join Eviless' Villainy Inc.