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Real name Wing How
Alias Wing
Occupation Adventurer; Chauffeur
Alignment Good
Family none known
Affiliation All-Star Squadron; Seven Soldiers of Victory
First appearance Detective Comics vol 1 #20 (Oct 1938)
Appearance of death Justice League of America vol 1 #100 (Aug 1972)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-Two
Alternate versions none known


Wing How fought criminals alongside his employer, Lee Travis, aka the Crimson Avenger. Both were members of the Seven Soldiers of Victory and the All-Star Squadron. When not being a superhero, Wing was Lee Travis' chauffeur. A Chinese immigrant who moved to America to escape Japanese persecution in the days leading up to World War II, Wing helped to instill a social conscience in his employer. When the death of a fellow reporter motivated Travis to become the Crimson Avenger, Wing assisted him in his fight against crime.

When the Justice League and the Justice Society joined forces against Iron Hand, they retrieved the Seven Soldiers of Victory from their various locations in time and space (to which they had been scattered by the cosmic entity known as the Nebula Man). It was then revealed that Wing had sacrificed his own life to defeat the villain's super weapon.


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