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Willigig thumb
Possible future
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Real name Willigig
Alias Superman
Alignment Good
Gender Male
Occupation Slave
Family none known
Affiliation none known
Homeworld Unnamed world of the Curatti
First appearance Adventures of Superman vol 1 Annual #8 (Jul 1996)
Appearance of death Adventures of Superman vol 1 Annual #8 (Jul 1996)
Universe Legends of the Dead Earth
Alternate versions see Superman (disambiguation)


Willigig was a young Curatti, slaves to the conquering Sarkons. Through chance he encountered a relic, believed to be of Earth but actually bearing a recording created by Jor-El intended for his son, Kal-El. It telepathically informed Willigig that he was the son of Jor-El and Lara from Krypton, and that he was meant to be a great hero. Willigig created a super-suit for himself, and equipped himself with a jetpack and power goggles, and saved the Coluan, Xurl Dox, from the Sarkon, Captain Grumbb. Willigig was killed by the Sarkons as he disseminated the truth to his people, the Curatti, that they were the true natives of their world, not the Sarkons.

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