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Wild Huntsman
Pre-Zero Hour
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Real name Jake Kafkanus
Alias Wild Huntsman
Occupation Criminal
Alignment Bad
Family none known
Affiliation Category:Devil's Dozen; Tartarus (homeworld)
First appearance Adventure Comics vol 1 #350 (Nov 1966)
Universe Pre-Zero Hour
Alternate versions none
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Jake Kafkanus was a native of Tartarus who fell under the influence of the planet’s unscrupulous ruler, Prince Evillo. Evillo used his knowledge of genetic manipulation to turn Jake into a centaur with the ability to fly. He then equipped him with two techno-sorcerous weapons: an unbreakable elastic lasso, and a storm horn that could generate magical winds. With these powers he became one of Evillo’s bickering and mutually-contemptuous lieutenants in his Devil’s Dozen. The Hunstman was the most impatient to begin committing crimes instead of just planning.

Evillo had a cunning plan to kidnap Legionnaires and turn them to evil. While Apollo captured Lightning Lad, and Sugyn brought in the non-powered Bouncing Boy, it was the Wild Huntsman who captured the overweight Matter-Eater Lad. But the villains were betrayed by Evillo’s genetic specialist, Dr Zan Orbal. When the Legionnaires arrived to recsue their teammates, the Wild Huntsman was easily overcome by Mon-El. With the rest of the Devil’s Dozen, the Wild Huntsman was taken into custody.

Classic period (Adventure Comics/Action Comics)[]