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Real name Sussa Paka
Alias Wave; Spider Girl
Gender Female
Occupation Legionnaire; former thief
Alignment Good (reformed)
Family none known
Affiliation Legion of Super-Heroes (Glorithverse); Earth (homeworld)
First appearance (as Wave) Legion of Super-Heroes vol 4 #52 (Dec 1993)
Universe Glorithverse
Alternate versions see Spider Girl disambiguation
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Having completed her prison term, Sussa took various jobs as a thief. After her theft of a canister from EarthGov for Starfinger, the Science Police put out a warrant for her arrest.

While on the run she met Bounty and Circe who were attempting to infiltrate Dominator Pinnacle Command. The group was trapped during the Dominator War on Earth and Sussa joined with them in executing the command.

After the war, Sussa left the planet just before it exploded. She began to follow the Legion around because she developed a crush on Jo Nah, aka Ultra Boy. She helped the Legion battle against Mordru, and so she was labeled a traitor to the United Planets with the rest of the Legion when they were framed by Universo.

Sussa went underground with the team, adopting a new look and the codename 'Wave', becoming as official a Legionnaire as she could be.

She remained infatuated with Jo Nah, but accepted he was in love with another. She encouraged him to search the timestream for Phantom Girl. Sussa stayed with the team after the Legion cleared their names.

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