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Var-El (Pre-Crisis)
Earth One
Real name Var-El
Family Unnamed spouse, deceased; Jor-El the First (son, deceased); Nimda An-Dor (daughter-in-law, deceased); Jor-El (grandson, deceased); Lara Lor-Van (granddaughter-in-law, deceased); Kal-El, aka Superman (Clark Kent) (great-grandson); Nim-El (grandson, deceased); Dondra Klu-Ta (granddaughter-in-law, deceased); Don-El (great-grandson); Zor-El (grandson); Allura In-Ze (granddaughter-in-law); Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl (great-granddaughter); Zim-El (son, deceased); Kru-El (grandson); Kayla Var-El (daughter, deceased); Nim-Zee (son-in-law, deceased); Van-Zee (grandson)
Affiliation House of El
Homeworld Krypton
First appearance Krypton Chronicles vol 1 #1 (Sep 1981)
Appearance of death Krypton Chronicles vol 1 #1 (Sep 1981)
Era Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternates none
House of El logo


Var-El was a scientist on the planet Krypton. He was the father of Jor-El the First, Zim-El and Kayla Var-El.

Years before Krypton's destruction, Var-El discovered a means for crossing long interstellar distances without a spaceship and journeyed to a planet in the Sol system called Earth. His discovery later inspired his grandson, Jor-El, to send his child, Kal-El to Earth shortly before Krypton exploded. Var-El's Earth expedition was not common knowledge among surviving Kryptonians. Many years later, a statue of Var-El was erected in the House of El memorial vault on the planet Rokyn.

Note: A similar legend surrounds Var-El's son, Jor-El the First; both cannot be accurate.