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Ultra the Multi Alien
Ultra-the multi-alien BOF
150px-The Original Universe
Real Name Ace Arn
Relatives Bonnie Denton Blake (fiancée)
Eyes *Blue (as Arn); *Black (as Ultra)
Hair *Brown (as Arn); *Half bald, half green, later half bald, half white (as Ultra)
Citizenship American
Gender Male
First Appearance Mystery in Space vol 1 #103 (Nov 1965)
Appearance of Death
Era Pre-Crisis
Alternate versions Ultra the Multi Alien (Kingdom Come)


Although it has never been determined exactly when the adventures of the hero known as Ultra, the Multi-Alien take place, it is said to be part of our near future. At that time, Earth has successfully navigated the solar system and developed a business in shuttling tourists between its planets.

During one such routine trip to Jupiter, pilot Captain Ace Arn's ship was caught in the magnetic field of a comet. After successfully evacuating the ship, Arn found himself trapped in the cockpit and unable to avoid crashing into an asteroid. To Arn's surprise, he survived the crash and learned the asteroid was hollow, serving as the secret base for an interstellar criminal organization led by the scientific genius Zobra.

The solar system the asteroid orbited was in fact a synthetic one, consisting of four worlds - Ulla, Laroo, Trago and Raagan, each populated by a different dominant race. One member from each world were part of Zobra's criminal gang.

Zobra had invented a weapon that would transform whomever it was fired at into a duplicate of the being firing the weapon. Each of Zobra's four alien lieutenants was armed with one such weapon, allowing Zobra to complete his plans to blackmail the four planets.

While gloating over his plan, Zobra accidentally unleashed a poisonous gas which killed him. The four surviving gang members each raced to the asteroid to gain control of the blackmail plans, each hoping to rule the group.

Into this mess, Arn's spaceship crashed. He found the blackmail plans and tried to decipher the alien writing. As he emerged from the lab, the four aliens fired at him at precisely the same moment, thereby transforming Arn into a freakish multi-being, a conglomeration of the four races. Using the powers he gained from the transformation, Arn defeated the four, then used their superior intellect to repair his ship, and returned to Earth.

On Earth he began a successful crimefighting career, opposing villains such as Doctor Dynamo and the Pied Piper of Pluto, using as his alias an anagram formed of the names of the alien worlds - "Ultra". While his heroic acts were highly regarded by the public, Ultra was constantly remembered of what he had sacrificed for it: his humanity and the love of his girlfriend Bonnie, who believed that Arn had died in the accident that transformed him into Ultra.

Through an adventure that has yet to be chronicled, Ultra later found himself in the 20th century.

During the Infinite Crisis, Ultra was one of the assembled heroes who protected Sector 2814 and New Chronus from the dimensional rift caused by Earth-Three's Alexander Luthor.

Ultra was one of dozens of individuals to fall sway to an alien influence that sought to conquer the world by taking control of non-Earth-based lifeforms.

At some point, Ultra was captured by the Coluan scientist Brainiac and imprisoned aboard his head ship. Earth's champion, Superman defeated Brainiac and liberated all of his captives including Ultra and the Creature Commandos.