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New Earth
Real name Miya Shimada
Alias Tsunami
Alignment Good
Gender Female
Occupation Adventurer
Family Neptune Perkins (ex-spouse); Deborah Perkins aka Deep Blue (daughter)
Affiliation All-Star Squadron; Young All-Stars
First appearance All-Star Squadron vol 1 #33 (May 1984)
Universe New Earth/Post-Crisis
Alternate versions none
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Miya Shimada was a Japanese-American, and the tidal wave-generating superhero Tsunami, a member of the Young All-Stars and All-Star Squadron. The racial prejudice against Japanese people initially turned her against the United States, and she came into conflict with members of the All-Star Squadron. However, she refused several attempts to get her to join the Axis powers, including the group Axis Amerika, but at a critial moment, she met another undersea hero, Neptune Perkins, who convinced her to try another path. In time she joined the All-Star Squadron herself, and later she married Perkins and together they raised a daughter, Deborah, who grew up to be Deep Blue.

New Earth/Post-Crisis[]