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Tremor zan
New Earth
Real name Unknown
Alias Tremor
Alignment Bad
Gender Male
Occupation Mercenary criminal
Family none known
Affiliation Superior 5; The Society;
First appearance Villains United vol 1 #4 (Oct 2005)
Universe New Earth/Post-Crisis
Alternate versions Awkwardman
Superior 5 logo


Tremor was a criminal member of the Superior 5. Along with his teammates, he was for a while a member of Alexander Luthor Junior of Earth-Three's criminal organisation, The Society. At one point, Tremor was among dozens of villains exiled to the planet Salvation as a way to put as stop to their criminal ways on Earth, however, Tremor was among those who eventually found their way back to Earth.

Note: The Superior 5 were a homage to the Inferior Five.

New Earth/Post-Crisis[]