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Tra-Gob-LL98-Elph thumb
Earth One
Real name Tra-Gob
Alias none
Occupation Criminal
Alignment Bad (turned good)
Family none known
Affiliation Krypton (former homeworld)
First appearance Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane vol 1 #98 (Jan 1970)
Universe Pre-Crisis; Earth-One
Alternate versions none
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On Krypton Tra-Gob was a criminal whose gang turned against him and would have killed him but for the intervention of Jor-El. Tra-Gob was sentenced to the Phantom Zone for his crimes but, one day, an opening in the Zone appeared, allowing Tra-Gob to escape to Superman's Fortress of Solitude on Earth. There he found Superman and Lois Lane about to be killed by a Kryptonian creature. Using a weapon from Superman's trophy collection, Tra-Gob saved the couple, repaying his debt to Jor-El. Superman sent him back to the Zone to complete his sentence, but said he would ask the authorities in Kandor to pardon him.