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Telle Teg
TelleTegCJE thumb
Antimatter Universe
Real name Telle Teg
Alias none
Alignment Good
Family none known
Affiliation Qward
First appearance Green Lantern vol 2 #2 (Oct 1960)
Appearance of death Green Lantern vol 2 #2 (Oct 1960)
Universe Antimatter Universe/Pre-Crisis
Alternate versions none
Green Lantern family logo HY


Telle Teg was one of a number of good Qwardians who learned about a device that could transport them into the positive matter universe. The device was held by the Weaponers of Qward. Transporting himself across this device, Telle Teg was followed by a Qwardian Destroyer who tried to smite him with his golden thunderbolts. When Green Lantern arrived, Telle Teg was attacked by a Weaponer and killed, but Green Lantern forced the evil Qwardian to flee.

Antimatter Universe/Pre-Crisis[]