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Sylvia Dewitt
Earth One
Real name Sylvia Dewitt
Alignment Good
Family Van-Zee (spouse); Lili & Lyle (children); Kayla Var-El (mother-in-law, deceased); Nim-Zee (Pre-Crisis) (father-in-law); Dik-Zee (brother-in-law); Gem-Zee (brother-in-law); Thara Gem-Zee (niece); Rad-Zee (nephew)
Affiliation Earth (homeworld); Kandor (adopted home city); Kandorian Lookalike Squad
First appearance Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane vol 1 #15 (Feb 1960)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions see Lois Lane disambiguation
Kandorian Lookalike Squad logo


An Earthwoman and physical double for Lois Lane, Sylvia Dewitt was romanced by Van-Zee, who was attracted to her because of her Lois-like looks, and accepted his proposal of marriage. She was given super-powers by a serum of Van-Zee’s devising, though they only manifested in non-Kryptonian environments. She lived with Van-Zee in the Bottle City of Kandor, where they became parents of two children, Lyle and Lili.

After she acquired super-powers, Syvia took on the role of lookalike Lois in the Kandorian Lookalike Squad, who substituted for Superman's friends when they were in danger.