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Swamp Thing
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  • Real name: Dr. Alec Holland
  • Alias: Swamp Thing, Holland-Father, Prime-Founder, the Visitor, the Holland Mind, Green Man, Swampy, the Weed, Le Bon Gumbo, Smalsh-Yegger (on Rann), Alexander Holland
  • Identity: Public Identity
  • Alignment: Good
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair: No hair, Eyes: Red
  • Occupation: Planet Elemental
  • First appearance: Swamp Thing vol 1 #1 (Nov 1972)


In a secret facility located in the Louisiana swamplands, scientist Alec Holland and his wife Linda invented a Bio-Restorative Formula that would solve any nations' food shortage problems. Ferrett and Bruno - thugs working for Nathan Ellery - barged into Alec's lab, knocked him out, and planted a bomb in the facility. Alec woke up just as the bomb exploded, and in flames, he ran into the swamp. His body had been drenched in the bio-restorative formula, and this affected the swamp's plant life, imbuing it with Alec's consciousness and memories. The newly conscious plant life formed a semblance of a human form and rose up from the bog as the Swamp Thing, the latest in a long line of Earth elementals created when The Green was in need of protection.

The Swamp Thing originally thought that he had been Alec Holland, transformed by the freak accident into a monster. He sought to regain his human body, but often met opposition in the form of Anton Arcane, and his ever growing legion of Un-Men.


It is revealed that he is the Earth's Ultimate Savior and the Entity's Champion. Swamp Thing's epic return.

Unlike the previous incarnation, a mass of humanoid plant life with all of Holland's absorbed memories, this new renewed Swamp Thing was generated directly from the body of Alec Holland himself. Holland rising from the ground as a seemingly semi-sentient corpse until fully given human flesh again as the once formerly brilliant biologist. Holland stating that his last conscious memory was of hurling himself into the swamp to extinguish the flames engulfing him, having no memory of ever being Swamp Thing previously. The Life Entity stating essentially that Holland was a missing "vital component" to the being itself. Leaving us to ponder if the being Dark Avatar assaulting the city may have actually been the former Swamp Thing. Notably also bearing a very close physical resemblance.

The Entity imbued upon Holland all of the powers of The Green that the former had wielded. Including now additional elemental abilities, i.e. governance over fire, being now shown capable of breathing fire naturally. Swamp Thing then immediately growing to enormous height to battle the Corrupted Being. Immediately upon defeating it, acting to restore the Green to natural order.


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