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Superman Junior (Jimmy Kirk)
Superman Jr HzJ
Real name Jimmy Kirk
Alias Superman Junior
Alignment Good
Family Doctor Morton Kirk (father, deceased)
Affiliation Superman (Pre-Crisis)
First appearance Action Comics vol 1 #232 (Sep 1957)
Universe Pre-Crisis; Earth-One
Alternate versions see Superman disambiguation
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Astronomer Doctor Morton Kirk, believing that Earth was doomed to perish when a giant planet threatened to collide with it, sent his young son Jimmy off in a rocket, intending to place him on another world. But Superboy saved the Earth, though he was unable to find Jimmy Kirk, and the dying Doctor Kirk left him a last request: that if he found Jimmy, he would become his legal guardian.

Years later, the space capsule carrying Jimmy crashed to Earth, and he acquired super-powers on the journey when the capsule travelled through a pulsating space-cloud. Superman adopted Jimmy, calling him Superman Junior, and moved to Smallville with a new secret identity. Meanwhile, a 'super-poison' that Superman had breathed in from the space capsule was slowly robbing him of his powers. When Jimmy discovered this, he fixed up an 'accident' using a special meteor to transfer all of his own powers to Superman.

Since he was now normal, Johnny and Superman parted ways.