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Superman (Red and Blue)
Real name Kal-El or Clark Kent
Alias Superman-Red & Superman-Blue
Occupation Journalist; Superhero
Alignment Good
Family Lois Lane (spouse of Superman-Red); Lana Lang (spouse of Superman-Blue)
Affiliation Daily Planet
Homeworld Krypton
First appearance Superman vol 1 #162 (Jul 1963)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-162
Alternate versions see Superman disambiguation


After being scolded by the Kandorians for failing to live up to his many goals (enlarge them, cure Kryptonite, end crime etc), Superman used a machine he devised powered by the various forms of Kryptonite in order to increase his intellect a hundredfold in order to complete his tasks. It succeeded, but also split him into two near-identical beings, Superman-Red and Superman-Blue. Together, they created a New Krypton from the remains of the old and enlarged Kandor on it, created an anti-evil ray that ended all villainous tendencies — the use of which caused a reformed Lex Luthor to develop a panacea that cured all physical ailments and defects — and transformed their Earth into a paradise. Retiring, Superman-Red married Lois Lane and moved with her to New Krypton, while Superman-Blue remained on Earth and married Lana Lang, devoting his life to science and tasking his Superman Robots with solving any future natural disasters.

Note: This was originally published as an imaginary story, a story outside of regular continuity. In Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Compendium, it was retconned as having happened on Earth-162.