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Superman (One Million)
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Real name Kal Kent
Alias Superman
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Occupation Superhero
Family Superman (Clark Kent) (distant ancestor)
Affiliation Justice Legion A; Superman Squad
Homeworld Earth
First appearance JLA vol 1 #23 (Oct 1998)
Universe DC One Million
Alternate versions see Superman disambiguation


Superman (Kal Kent) of the 853rd century was a distant descendant of the original Superman (Clark Kent). He was leader of the Justice Legion A, one of a number of super-teams protecting the galaxy. Due to the introduction of new bloodlines in his ancestry, including a Fifth Dimensional Queen in the 67th century, Kal's powers included super-extrasensory perception, extra-sensory input, and the ability to travel to the 5th Dimension at will, as well as (sometimes enhanced) versions of his Kryptonian ancestor's powers.

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