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Superman (Kingdom Come)
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Real name Kal-El or Clark Kent
Affiliation Justice League/Justice Society
Family Lois Lane (first wife, deceased); Diana of Themiscyra (second wife); Jor-El (father, deceased); Lara Lor-Van (mother, deceased); Jonathan Kent (adoptive father, deceased); Martha Kent (adoptive mother, deceased); Jonathan Kent II (son)
First appearance Kingdom Come vol 1 #1 (May 1996)
Universe Kingdom Come/Earth-22
Alternates see Superman disambiguation


Superman was Earth's greatest superhero. He retired from superherodom after he became disillusioned with humanity, following the acquittal for murder of the superhero, Magog, who had killed the Joker, who had earlier murdered Superman's wife, Lois, and staff at the Daily Planet.

Without Superman's moral compass as a guide and inspiration, the new generation of 'superheroes' behaved badly and could not be easily distinguished from villains. The dark state of the world came to a head when the Justice Battalion, led by Magog, attacked the Parasite with excessive and unnecessary force, indirectly resulting in the irradiation of the entire state of Kansas and parts of the surrounding states, taking out a large portion of America's food production.

Wonder Woman coaxed Superman into return to public life and reforming the Justice League. Superman decided to enforce morality upon the metahumanity by offering them a choice: join his League and abide by a code of ethics, or be made a prisoner by it. He managed to collect new and former heroes to his League.

But Batman, one of the most prominent of the old guard, refused to join Superman's crusade. Batman believed Superman's idealist notions were outdated and that his interference would only exacerbate the problem. He interpreted Superman's plan as an example of the strong exerting their will upon the weak, something that he would not be a part of. He instead began to organize a third group of heroes, largely non-powered like Green Arrow and the Blue Beetle, as well as second and third generation heroes like Jade and Zatara.

Superman and the League built the Gulag, a massive penal colony in the Kansas wastelands, and the prison was filled to capacity almost as soon as it was built. Superman designated Captain Comet as warden and worked to persuade the inmates that their methods were wrong-headed and dangerous, but his entreaties fell upon deaf ears. Tension grew among inmates in the Gulag.

Meanwile, Lex Luthor had organized the Mankind Liberation Front, working to wrest control of the world away from the heroes. Luthor had captured Captain Marvel years earlier and had him in thrall. He planned to use him to exacerbate the conflict between the League and the Gulag. However, Batman, after appearing to made an alliance with the MLF, turned his forces on Luthor and his co-conspirators, but were unable to restrain Captain Marvel.

When the Gulag's inmates rioted, killing Captain Comet, Wonder Woman convinced the members of the League to use deadly force to deal with the inmates of the Gulag. Superman was the only one who objected.

At the Gulag, Superman and Captain Marvel battled. The United Nations, fearful of the superhuman community, dropped a nuclear bomb on the site. Superman was able to break Captain Marvel free from his brainwash and attempted to stop the bombing, but Captain Marvel sacrificed himself in Superman's place. However, the blast still killed most of the superpowered fighters in the area.

Kingdom Come/Earth-22[]

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