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Superman (Justice Lords)
WW Superman JL
Earth 50
Real name Kal-El or Clark Kent
Alias Superman
Gender Male
Occupation Dark Lord
Alignment Bad
Family Lord Wonder Woman (spouse, deceased)
Affiliation Justice Lords
Homeworld Krypton
First appearance: Batman Beyond Universe vol 1 #9 (Jun 2014)
Universe Earth 50/Justice Lords
Alternate versions see Superman (disambiguation)


Several decades into the future relative to Prime Earth, Earth 50 was home to the despotic Justice Lords, conquerors of their Earth after President Lex Luthor murdered the Flash, pushing this Superman over the edge into the role of tyrant after murdering Luthor in retaliation. Earth's other heroes followed his lead, becoming self-interested fascist dictators curbing free speech, democracy and rebellion for the sake of "safety".

Note: The Justice Lords also appear in the DC Animated Universe.

Earth 50/Justice Lords[]