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Superbaby (Kal-El)
Superbaby dc
Earth One
Real name Kal-El or Clark Joseph Kent
Alias Superbaby
Occupation Child
Alignment Good
Family Jor-El (father, deceased); Lara Lor-Van (mother, deceased); Jonathan Kent (adoptive father); Martha Kent (adoptive mother);
Affiliation Krypton (former homeworld); Earth (adopted homeworld); Smallville (hometown)
First appearance (as Superbaby) Superman vol 1 #53 (Jul 1948)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One/Pre-Zero Hour
Alternate versions see Superboy (disambiguation); Super-Baby (Bliss); Super-Brat
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Superman spent the early part of his infancy on his home world of Krypton. Upon arriving on Earth, he was adopted by the Kent Family and raised as their own son. Even as a toddler, this 'Babe of Steel' demonstrated remarkable strength, speed and stamina. He also found himself involved in several time-travel adventures wherein he met his future selves, Superboy and Superman. On at least one occasion, Lois Lane inherited the duty of babysitting the time-displaced Superbaby.


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