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Super-Woman (Earth-Three)
Real name Unknown
Alias Super-Woman
Alignment Bad
Family none known
Affiliation Crime Syndicate of America; Amazons
First appearance Justice League of America vol 1 #29 (Aug 1964)
Appearance of death Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 (Apr 1985)
Universe Earth-Three/Pre-Crisis
Alternate versions see Superwoman and Wonder Woman disambiguations
Crime Syndicate logo


Earth-Three's Super-Woman was a renegade Amazon who left Paradise Island of her own accord and joined the Crime Syndicate of America, a team that used their power to virtually conquer the world.

After this, Super-Woman and her fellow Crime Syndicate members challenged the combined forces of the Earth-One Justice League of America and Earth-Two Justice Society of America. Not able to withstand the combined mights of two Earths' greatest super-beings, the Crime Syndicate was defeated and imprisoned in an extra-dimensional bubble created by the Earth-One Green Lantern.

A cycle of escape and imprisonment continued until the Crisis on Infinite Earths when Super-Woman - along with everyone else in Earth-Three's universe - died and was completely erased from history with the reset of the single surviving universe, except for Superman of Earth-Two and Alexander Luthor Junior who remembered this Super-Woman and her native world.