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Super-Lois (Serum)
Super lois 1968
Real name Lois Lane
Alias Hydro Girl; Super-Lois Lane; Power Girl; Opticus; etc
Occupation Reporter
Alignment Good
Family Lucy Lane (sister); Sam Lane (father); Ella Lane (mother); Louis Lane (cousin)
Affiliation Daily Planet; Metropolis (home city)
First appearance (as Super-Lois [Serum]) Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane vol 1 #87 (Oct 1968)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions see Lois Lane disambiguation
Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane logo


Kandorian scientist Cor-Lar gave Lois Lane super-powers through a serum she invented. She told that she would disintegrate into an unliving blob in the outside world after being exposed to a Kryptonian Stantor bird. She took Lois’s place on Earth, hoping to become Superman’s lover, and threatened to kill Lois’s parents if she reveals the truth. But Lois discovered Cor-Lar was lying about the effect of the Stantor bird, emerged from Kandor, and captured her. Unfortunately, in doing so, she lost her super-powers.


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