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Super-Hero (Barry Allen)
Super Hero Flash V1 249 RT
Real name Barry Allen
Alias The Flash; Super-Hero
Occupation Superhero
Alignment Good
Family Iris West-Allen (spouse); Wally West (nephew); Henry Allen (father, deceased); Nora Allen (mother, deceased); Don Allen (son, deceased); Dawn Allen (daughter, deceased); Bart Allen (grandson); Jenni Ognats (granddaughter)
Affiliation Justice League of America
First appearance (as Super-Hero) Flash vol 1 #249 (May 1977)
Universe Pre-Crisis;/Earth-One
Alternate versions see Flash disambiguation
Flash family logo HY


The Flash fought a Master Villain who had, apparently, sprung from the drawing board of Barry's neighbour, a kid artist named Barney. In fact, a bored, invisible gaseous alien seeking unusual experiences was attracted by the boy's vivid imagination and brought Master Villain to life. He defeated the Flash, upsetting Barney, who designed a hero to defeat the Master Villain. Of course he did not come to life, as the alien was not involved. But when Barry found out about Barney's creation and saw the design for Super-Hero, he deduced the possible problem and devised a solution. Dressed as Super-Hero, Barry fought Master Villain and beat him. The alien, who did not enjoy that experience, left Earth and Master Villain ceased to exist.