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Super-Father (Jax-Ur)
Superman pa kent dc
Real name Jax-Ur
Alias none known
Occupation Criminal scientist
Alignment Bad
Family Vas-Ur (grandfather, deceased); Mal-Ur (great-grandfather, deceased); Can-Ur (ancestor)
Affiliation Phantom Zone villains
Homeworld Krypton
First appearance (as Super-Father) Adventure Comics vol 1 #289 (Oct 1961)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions Jax-Ur; Jonathan Kent
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Phantom Zone criminal Jax-Ur escaped from the Zone, captured Jonathan Kent and masqueraded in his place, wearing a realistic mask. He pretended to gain super-powers from a space-jewel. He told Superboy decided he would take over all super-feats, and that Superboy must give up his career. Superboy obeyed, reluctantly, but thought his father was acting unreasonably. Jax-Ur's pose was discovered when, as Pa Kent in the store, he hastily signed his name on a receipt as 'Jax-Ur'. Before Jax-Ur could enact his plan to destroy him, Superboy retrieved his Phantom Zone Projector from its hiding place and sent Jax-Ur back where he belonged.


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