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Super-Bully-Perez-superboy duplicate
Real name (First name unknown) Derek
Alias Super-Brat; Super-Bully; Super-Menace
Occupation Criminal
Alignment Bad
Family 'Wolf' Derek (adoptive father, deceased); Bonnie Derek (adoptive mother, deceased)
Affiliation none known
First appearance Superman vol 1 #137 (May 1960)
Appearance of death Superman vol 1 #137 (May 1960)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions see Superboy disambiguation; Super-Brat; Super-Menace
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When Kal-El was shot into space to save him from Krypton's destruction, his ship collided with an alien satellite that contained a duplication ray machine. This device duplicated Kal-El's ship and its contents including Kal-El himself. The duplicate Kal-El didn't have any biology, but was an energy force that resembled Kal-El. When Kal-El's ship was found by the Kent family, the duplicate was in turn found by 'Wolf' Derek and his wife Bonnie, two notorious mobsters. While Kal-El became Clark Kent, and was raised lovingly and instilled with a positive and law-abiding value system, his duplicate was treated as a freak and raised to be a criminal.

The Super-Brat grew up helping the Dereks gain material wealth and crush their enemies. However, Super-Brat kept his existence a secret until 'Wolf' dictated it was time for the boy to help out when they were in a real jam. As a teenager, the duplicate named himself Super-Bully, and spent time secretly creating disasters, and trying unsuccessfully to expose Superboy's secret identity to everyone, steal his girlfriend Lana Lang (by posing as Clark), and even trying to take Krypto (by pretending to be Superboy) and failing in all these things. During this time he learned that he was immune to Kryptonite.

As an adult, now calling himself Super-Menace hated Superman for having a loving family and being famed all over the world. 'Wolf' sent Super-Menace to finally destroy his hated foe. During the clash, the truth of his origins were learned. However, Super-Menace realized that he would get no satisfaction from killing Superman, and would never gain any of the things he wanted most of all: loving parents, respect, and recognition. He therefore saved Superman's life. He also renounced his criminal life, confronted the Dereks and changed back into his energy form, killing the Dereks and himself in the process.