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Sun Emperor (Pre-Zero Hour)
Pre-Zero Hour
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Real name Nigal Douglous
Alias Sun Emperor
Occupation Professional criminal
Alignment Bad
Family none known
Affiliation Legion of Super-Villains
Homeworld Earth
First appearance Superboy vol 1 #208 (Apr 1975)
Universe Pre-Zero Hour
Alternate versions see Sun Emperor (disambiguation)
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Nigal Douglous was born on Earth. He began to evidence psychotic, violent tendencies while still very young and was sent to a juvenile reform center after he killed a small alien being who he claimed to have mistaken for a dog. He was found to be dangerous to society at large. He was imprisoned and received court-ordered therapy, which did little to curb his psychoses.

It was in the reform center that he met Reise Taylor, a beautiful biochemist, and began a romance with her. After their release, Reise set up an illegal genetics lab where she gave Douglous the ability to absorb, store and release solar energy. The experiment also affected his mind, however, worsening his psychotic tendencies and causing periods of megalomania. During one of these periods, he renamed himself 'Sun Emperor', and burned Reise to death.

He joined the Legion of Super-Villains in 2980, leading the team into an attempt at assassinating peace-trophy winner Doctor Larx Kenrik and discrediting the Legion of Super-Heroes. He remained with the LSV, acting as an advance scout and intimidator in the takeover of the planet Orando. As part of that scheme he burned an entire village to ash, leaving only one person alive to serve as messenger and witness. He was one of the last to be caught after the Super-Villains were repulsed from Orando. He was imprisoned on Takron-Galtos until that planet had to be evacuated during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, in 2986. During the evacuation he was a leader in a mass escape attempt of a prison shuttle, but the Legion of Super-Heroes managed to recapture all the prisoners and see them safely incarcerated on the new United Planets prison-world of Labyrinth. Sun Emperor was kept in prison psychotherapy programs after that, but remained extremely dangerous.

70s (Superboy & the LSH/LSH vol 2)[]

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