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Steve Trevor (Pre-Crisis)
Real name Steven Trevor
Alias Patriot; Steve Howard; Wonder Man
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Occupation US Army Major, later Colonel
Family Greg Trevor (brother); Diana Prince Trevor, aka Wonder Woman (spouse, eventually)
Affiliation US Military Intelligence
First appearance Wonder Woman vol 1 #98 (May 1958)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions see Patriot disambiguation; Captain Wonder
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Steve Trevor was a Major in the US Army, and had a long-term romance with Wonder Woman. Trevor he never realized that she was actually his colleague, Diana Prince.

Steve was killed by Doctor Cyber, causing Wonder Woman to relinquish her powers. Seeing Diana's grief, the god Eros inhabited the lifeless body with his spirit, and operated as Steve Howard, until his spirit was extracted from the body and Steve 'died' again.

Several years later, Aphrodite extracted Steve's essence from her son's memory, and implanted it in the body of a Steve from another universe, overriding that Steve's (already altered) personality.

Colonel Trevor then returned to the previous Steve's position at the Pentagon. After he learned Diana's secret identity at the start of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Steve and Diana married with the blessing of Diana's mother Queen Hippolyta shortly before both of them were erased from existence by the Crisis.


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