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Starman (One Million)
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Real name Farris KNight
Alias Starman
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Occupation Superhero; Monitor of Solaris
Family none known
Affiliation Justice Legion A
Homeworld Earth
First appearance JLA vol 1 #23 (Oct 1998)
Appearance of death DC One Million vol 1 #3 (Nov 1998)
Universe DC One Million
Alternate versions see Starman disambiguation


Farris Knight was the Starman of the 853rd Century and a distant descendant of Jack Knight and the Mist's son, Kyle. He was a member of the Justice Legion A. He commanded an alien artifact called a Quarvat, similar in function to the Cosmic Rod. He lived on a space station (in the orbit of Uranus) from which he monitored the artificial sun, Solaris.

Solaris eventually corrupted Farris who travelled back in time to kill the originator of his hated responsibility, Ted Knight. Meeting Ted, however, changed his mind and Farris ultimately sacrificed himself to save the modern day Earth from Solaris' machinations.

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