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Star-Spangled Kid (Sylvester Pemberton)
Star-spancled kid rar
Real name Sylvester Pemberton
Alias Star-Spangled Kid; Skyman
Occupation Adventurer
Alignment Good
Family John & Gloria Pemberton (parents); Merry Pemberton, aka Merry, Girl of 1000 Gimmicks (adopted sister)
Affiliation Super Squad; Infinity Inc; Seven Soldiers of Victory; Justice Society of America; All-Star Squadron; Stripesy
First appearance Star-Spangled Comics vol 1 #1 (Oct 1941)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-Two
Alternate versions see Star-Spangled Kid (disambiguation)
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Sylvester Pemberton was the costumed hero, Star-Spangled Kid, unique in that he was a teen hero with an adult sidekick, Stripesy. They both joined the Seven Soldiers of Victory. The Seven Soldiers became lost in time on their last mission in October 1948, and were rescued by the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America; the members of the Seven Soldiers of Victory who chose to do so were brought to the present day.

Although he had previously been a non-powered hero, using fisticuffs, gadgets, and a keen strategical mind to fight crime, upon joining the JSA, Sylvester gained possession of the Cosmic Converter Belt designed by Starman. This belt gave him the ability to fly. He also was given use of Starman's cosmic rod on several occasions, but declined to take on the mantle of Starman himself. Sylvester later adopted the new identity of Skyman.

Note: In Post-Crisis/New Earth continuity, after adopting the Skyman identity, Sylvester was killed by Solomon Grundy. Infinity Inc vol 1 #51 (Jun 1988)


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