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Squire (Cyril Sheldrake)
Squire II Percy Shelldrake
Real name Cyril Sheldrake
Alias The Squire
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Occupation Superhero sidekick
Family Knight I (Percy Sheldrake) (father)
Affiliation Batmen of All Nations; Club of Heroes; Great Britain
First appearance Batman vol 1 #62 (Dec 1950)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions see Knight and Squire disambiguation
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Inspired by the exploits of the Batman and Robin of Gotham City, Percival Sheldrake, aka the Earl of Wordenshire, and his son, Cyril, took up the mantles of superheroes, the Knight and the Squire. They became the British representatives in the 'Club of Heroes' aka the 'Batmen of all Nations', a group of international heroes who met on a Caribbean island.

Note: In Post-Crisis/New Earth continuity, Cyril Sheldrake's father Percival was the first Squire, after having his life saved by the Shining Knight and becoming his sidekick. When Percy grew up and adopted the identity of the 'Knight', his son Cyril became the second 'Squire'.