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Sizzle LSH48 rr
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Real name Teela Spuunvll
Alias Sizzle
Occupation Legion Reservist
Alignment Good
Family none known
Affiliation Legion of Super-Heroes (Earth-Prime); Abaddonus (homeworld)
First appearance Legion of Super-Heroes vol 5 #48 (Jan 2009)
Universe Earth-Prime
Alternate versions none
Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 5 Logo


The Legion’s business manager, M'Rrissey, recruited four young super-beings as potential Legionnaires, among them Sizzle, a.k.a Teela Spuunvll of Abaddonus. She had the power of absorbing energy and changing it from one form to another – for example, sound to light or gamma rays to electricity. Ultimately though, she was rejected on the grounds of needing an external source of energy. Nevertheless, Sizzle and her two fellow unsuccessful applicants, Night Girl and Turtle (the fourth applicant, Gazelle, was accepted into the team) were offered - and accepted - the roles of Legion reservists.