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Shrinking Violet (Pre-Zero Hour)
Pre-Zero Hour
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Real name Salu Digby
Alias Shrinking Violet, Sharon Vaughan
Occupation Legionnaire
Alignment Good
Family Ayla Ranzz, aka Lightning Lass (partner); Arn Digby (father)
Affiliation Legion of Super-Heroes (Pre-Zero Hour); Imsk (homeworld)
First appearance Action Comics vol 1 #276 (May 1961)
Universe Pre-Zero Hour
Alternate versions see Shrinking Violet disambiguation
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Rejected by the Legion of Super-Heroes at her first attempt, Salu Digby was quite soon afterwards accepted into the team. Like all people of her world, Imsk, Salu - who is usually known as 'Vi' - has the power to shrink to tiny size.

Although initially shy and withdrawn, she was a consistently reliable Legionnaire for many years, and a valued member of the Espionage Squad.

She maintained a romantic relationship with Duplicate Boy, of the Heroes of Lallor for some years, but this never came to much, and its flimsy foundations were exposed during the episode when Vi was kidnapped by Imskian rebels and replaced by a Durlan actress, Yera. Duplicate Boy spotted the deception (unlike any of the Legionnaires themselves) but failed to inform anyone about it. When Vi was rescued and restored to her place in the Legion, she wasted no time in dumping the disconsolate Lallorian.

Oddly, this event seemed to bring about a greater confidence to Vi's personality, and she became quite aggressive. It clearly gave her cause to rethink her life in a fundamental way as, not long after, she entered into a relationship with another woman, Lightning Lass. This appeared to give her some strength and security, as her aggression lessened, whilst her self-confidence remained.

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