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Shazam (Earth 6)
Shazam SL2
Earth 6
Just Imagine logo
Real name Robert Rogers
Alias Shazam
Occupation Demon hero; Interpol agent
Alignment Good
Family none known
Affiliation Interpol
First appearance Just Imagine: Shazam vol 1 #1 (May 2002)
Universe Earth 6/Just Imagine
Alternate versions see Shazam/Captain Marvel (disambiguation)
Shazam Just Imagine logo


Robert Rogers was an American Interpol agent. With colleague Carla Noral, he was in India searching for the megalomaniac master criminal, Gunga Khan. Through a spell conjured by the ancient wizard, Merlin, Rogers gained the power to transform himself into a hairy red demon with fangs and a necklace of bones - by uttering the word "Shazam!"

Just Imagine/Earth 6[]