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Shagrek (Pre-Zero Hour)
ShagrekC Rat2
Pre-Zero Hour
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Real name Unknown
Alias Shagrek
Occupation Criminal
Alignment Bad/Neutral
Family none known
Affiliation Taurus Gang
First appearance Adventure Comics vol 1 #374 (Nov 1968)
Universe Pre-Zero Hour
Alternate versions Shagrek (Earth Zero)
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Shagrek's true origin is unknown. He was found among the asteroids of the Sol system and brought to Earth, where he was at first considered an animal and placed in a Tokyo zoo. However, it became apparent that he was a sentient creature and he was released. Unfortunately, he was a violent being and the disintegration beams he issued from his horns killed 40 people.

The corrupt Science Police Chief Zoltorus of Metropolis recruited him for his secret crime gang, the Taurus Gang. There, he became attached to fellow gang member, Mystelor, much to her dismay. When Zoltorus refused the gang's demands for more money, they abandoned him to arrest by the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Classic period (Adventure Comics/Action Comics)[]