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Scavenger II
Scavenger rat
New Earth
Real name Unknown
Alias Scavenger
Alignment Bad
Family none known
Affiliation none known
Homeworld Korr
First appearance Superboy vol 4 #2 (Mar 1994)
Universe New Earth/Post-Crisis
Alternate versions Scavenger (Peter Mortimer); Scavenger (Peter Mortimer) (New Earth)
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Scavenger was a cybernetically-enhanced enemy of Superboy (Conner Kent). He was a delusional paranoid and was obsessed with acquiring weapons and equipment in order to prepare for an inevitable battle against an enemy he constantly referred to, but never explicitly identified. He had a base of operations on the Moon and was, at one time, in possession of a magical artifact called the Spear of Lona.

Scavenger was apparently very long-lived, as he was still alive in the 30th century when, on the world of Korr where he was living, he encountered the. By coincidence, his 'enemy' Superboy was also there, and he and the Legion were seeking an artifact in Scavenger's possession that would assist them in freeing Valor from the Phantom Zone.

New Earth/Post-Crisis[]