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Scarlet Bowman of Belgravia
Scarlet bowman dc
Real name Unknown
Alias Scarlet Bowman of Belgravia
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Occupation Superhero
Family none known
Affiliation Belgravia (home country)
First appearance Adventure Comics vol 1 #226 (Jul 1956)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions see Green Arrow disambiguation
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Here's yet another candidate member for the Green Arrows of the World. Hailing from the tiny country of Belgravia (you can see the entire kingdom from atop a mountain peak), were the Scarlet Bowman and his young unnamed aide. They were official bodyguards to the young King Paul of Belgravia, and crimefighters to boot. Like the Arrow of Alaska, they were also pupils of Green Arrow.

The Scarlet Bowmen were captured and, to protect their secret identities (and foil a treason plot), Green Arrow and Speedy had to masquerade as the two Belgravian archers.


Sidekick (unnamed)[]