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Scarab (Louis Sendak)
Scarab rar
New Earth
Real name Louis Sendak
Alias Scarab
Identity Secret
Gender Male
Occupation Superhero
Family none known
Affiliation Seven Shadows
First appearance JSA vol 1 #18 (Jan 2001)
Appearance of death JSA vol 1 #18 (Jan 2001)
Universe New Earth/Post-Crisis
Alternate versions Scarab (Antimatter Universe)
Seven Shadows logo


Louis Sendak was the Scarab, having obtained his powers from a mystical artifact known as the Scarabaeus that was founded in a labyrinth connected to his house through a magical portal, the Green Door, that had been previously used by his father, a wizard, who had scavenged artifacts from the rooms beyond the portal.

Scarab joined the Seven Shadows, a short-lived superhero team that operated in Chicago during the World War II era. They were attempting to apprehend Johnny Sorrow at a Chicago movie theater but six of their seven members died after experiencing Sorrow's fatal gaze upon the removal of his mask. Only the Scarab survived the ordeal, and he was eventually also killed by Sorrow at a later date.

New Earth/Post-Crisis[]