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Roxxas (Earth-247)
Roxxas-of-daxam rat
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Real name Roxxas
Alias Roxxas of Daxam
Occupation Politician
Alignment Bad
Family none known
Affiliation White Triangle
Homeworld Daxam
First appearance Legionnaires vol 1 #23 (Mar 1995)
Universe Earth-247
Alternate versions see Roxxas disambiguation
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Roxxas was a Daxamite politician, and leading light of the White Triangle group, a Daxamite Supremacist organisation who believed they were superior to all other beings. They found the concept of the United Planets, bringing together beings of different races and beliefs, abhorrent, and dedicated themselves to its destruction. They attempted to assassinate RJ Brande whose stargate technology for enabling the creating of the UP. The widespread havoc they caused included the devastation of the planet Trom before the Legion of Super-Heroes put a stop to their activities outside of Daxam.