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Roberta the Girl Wonder
Girl wonder roberta gordon dc
Real name Mary Wills
Alias Roberta the Girl Wonder
Occupation Student
Alignment Good
Family none known
Affiliation Gotham City (home city)
First appearance Star-Spangled Comics vol 1 #103 (Apr 1950)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-Two
Alternate versions None known, but see Robin disambiguation
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Mary Wills was a high school classmate of Dick Grayson who had a crush on Robin, and was unaware the two were one and the same. Mary decided to train and outfit herself as Roberta the Girl Wonder to join him as a Gotham-based teen crimefighter in order for the two of them to meet. Despite Dick's initial reservations about her, she proved helpful, patient and quick-witted. They worked together frequently on cases while Batman was out of town. After Robin discovered her identity he became concerned about how secure his own identity would be if he were to reveal it to her and decided to discourage her from continuing as a costumed hero. His plan worked a little too well as her identity was revealed on camera, and Roberta the Girl Wonder's crimefighting career was over.