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Robby Reed
Robby Reed
Earth One
Real name Robert 'Robby' Reed
Alias Astro, Man of Space; Balloon Boy; Castor and Pollux, the Gemini Twins; Chief Mighty Arrow and Wingy; Circumference; Cometeer; Don Juan; Future Boy; Future Man; Giantboy; Gill Man; Go-Go; Great Jupiter; Hoopster; Hornet-Man; Human Bullet; Human Buzz-Saw; Human Icicle; Human Solar Mirror; Human Starfish; Hypno-Man; King Coil; King Kandy; King Viking; Magneto; Mighty Moppet; Mister Echo; Mole; Mole-Cometeer; Muscle Man; Pendulum Man; Plastic Man; Pyronic Man; Quake Master; Radar-Sonar Man; Robby the Super-Robot; Shadow-Man; Sphinx-Man; Squid; Strata Man; Super-Charge; Super Nova; The Master; The Wizard; Tommy Tomorrow; Twilight; Velocity Kid; Whirl-I-Gig; Whoozis, Whatsis and Howzis; Yankee Doodle Kid; Zip Tide.
Affiliation none
Family Suzy Reed (ex-wife); Gramps Reed (grandfather)
First appearance House of Mystery vol 1 #156 (Jan 1966)
Era Earth-One/Pre-Crisis
Alternate versions none known


Robby Reed was the first owner of the H-Dial, that allowed him to temporarily transform himself into a variety of super-powered identities. As an adult, he accidentally split himself in two, becoming both the Master and the Wizard, and - as 'the Master' - became an enemy of the then-H-dial users, Vicki Grant and Chris King.


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