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Rita (Flying Tigresses)
Flying TigressesRitaElph2
Earth One
Real name Rita
Alias none
Occupation Pilot
Alignment Good
Family Unnamed husband (deceased)
Affiliation Flying Tigresses
First appearance Blackhawk vol 1 #110 (Mar 1957)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions none
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Rita, Joan, Ilse, Yvette, Tina and Edith were pilots and skilled combatants who formed a group called the Flying Tigresses. They sought revenge on a master criminal named Kurt Ostrec, who had killed their husbands. The Blackhawks were appalled at the Tigresses' plan and tried to interfere, travelling to the women's base on Tigress Island, only to be captured and put in a seemingly inescapable cell. The Tigresses had tricked them into acting as bait for their arch-enemy, Ostrec, who duly fell for the trick and travelled to Tigress Island. However, before the Tigresses could kill Ostrec, the Blackhawks escaped and prevented it.