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Red Sage
Red sage the villain dc
Real name not known
Alias Red Sage; the Lucky One
Occupation Criminal
Alignment Bad
Family none known
Affiliation none known
First appearance More Fun Comics vol 1 #82 (Aug 1942)
Appearance of death More Fun Comics vol 1 #82 (Aug 1942)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-Two
Alternate versions none
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The Red Sage masqueraded as a fortune teller, calling himself the 'Lucky One', and attracted people down on their luck. He used his own money to send the price of 'Amalgamated Rubber' upwards, having told his clients to buy that stock. They all made money, so became loyal to the Red Sage. He forced one client, a banker, to assist in the robbery of his own bank, but Dr Fate captured the robbers, and the banker confessed what happened.

The Red Sage fled, leaving his followers (all dressed as royals from a deck of cards) to hold off Doctor Fate. However, the followers recognised that Fate could help them throw off the Red Sage's control, so stopped fighting. Fate caught up with the Sage and his gang at their next heist, but the Red Sage jumped out of a high window to escape, and was killed.