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Red Arrow (Roy Harper)
Red-Arrow ABEL
New Earth
Real name Roy Harper
Alias Red Arrow; formerly Speedy, formerly Arsenal
Occupation Superhero
Alignment Good
Family Jim Harper (great-uncle, deceased); Roy Harper Senior (father, deceased); Brave Bow (adoptive father, deceased); Oliver Queen (adoptive father); Dinah Lance (adoptive mother); Connor Hawke (adoptive brother); Mia Dearden (adoptive sister); Lian Harper (daughter, deceased)
Affiliation Titans; Justice League of America; Justice League; Outsiders; Team Arrow
First appearance Justice League International vol 2 #7 (May 2007)
Universe Post-Crisis/New Earth
Alternate versions see Red Arrow, Speedy and Arsenal disambiguations
Red Arrow logo


Red Arrow was an identity used by Roy Harper as successor to Green Arrow. This was a natural development of his earlier roles, Speedy and Arsenal, becoming more like his mentor. As Red Arrow, Roy was variously a member of the Justice League, Titans, Outsiders and Team Arrow.

New Earth/Post-Crisis[]


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