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◾Real Name:

Benjamin K. Krullen


Nuclear Legion, Suicide Squad









◾First appearance:

Doom Patrol Vol 2 #10 (July, 1988)

◾Appearance of Death:

Superman: War of the Supermen #1 (July, 2010)

Other Versions[]


The New Doom Patrol's first, yet-to-be chronicled encounter with the villain known as Reactron, is known to have occurred in Arizona, but little else is known about this battle, except that Reactron escaped and that the team pursued him until they battled the villain again in Chicago, with the help of Supergirl.

Tempest explained that he had known Reactron before either had gotten their powers, back in Vietnam. Reactron was Sgt. Ben Krullen, the man who had massacred a civilian village and whose actions had originally triggered Joshua Clay's powers and his desertion from the Army. Tempest later discovered that Krullen had been one of the soldiers who had been a test subject for the atom bomb tests in the fifties, and the radiation he absorbed had altered his body chemistry. Krullen began working with the international crime cartel known as the Council, which outfitted him in the guise of Reactron. Supergirl believed they all should work together to stop the villain, but had to depart suddenly as her super-senses detected the danger of the melting reactor under Fletcher Hall.

The Maid of Steel bored down beneath them into the secret lab, where she found Reactron in the heart of the reactor, absorbing the radiation. She grabbed him and flew him out and high into the sky. Reactron blasted her with a radiation beam, but she created a wind vortex that sent the villain higher into the sky where he apparently overloaded and exploded. Supergirl fell to the ground, where Cliff's sensors told him that she had been poisoned with a unique radiation by Reactron's last blast.