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Quislet LSH14rr
Pre-Zero Hour
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Real name Unknown
Alias Quislet
Occupation Legionnaire
Alignment Good
Family none known
Affiliation Legion of Super-Heroes (Pre-Zero Hour)
Homeworld Teall (home dimension)
First appearance Legion of Super-Heroes vol 3 #14 (Sep 1985)
Universe Pre-Zero Hour
Alternate versions none known
300 002


Quislet was an energy being from the other dimensional world of Teall. His people lives as hive beings, but Quislet enjoyed his individuality, so when he was made pilot of the new Trans-D Vessel his people had created to explore reality, he stole the vessel and took it to Earth. Quislet's native power, to inhabit and animate almost any object (although the inhabited object disintegrated after a short time), made him eligible to join the Legion of Super-Heroes, so he applied and was successful.

Quislet had a short career with the Legion. Eventually, his people tracked him down and brought him back to Teall to be tried for his crime. Wildfire - probably the only Legionnaire who could exist in Teall - accompanied him, and helped him escape his people's wrath. However, the Trans-D Vessel was destroyed on a later mission, and leaving Quislet with no way to exist on Earth, so he had to return to Teall, and his final fate is unknown.

70s/80s (Superboy & the LSH/LSH vols 2 & 3)[]