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Pocket Universe
Real Name Quex-Ul
Alias none known
Occupation Criminal
Gender Male
Family none known
Affiliation Krypton (Pocket Universe); General Zod (Pocket Universe)
First appearance Adventures of Superman vol 1 #444 (Sep 1988)
Appearance of death Superman vol 2 #22 (Oct 1988)
Universe Pocket Universe
Alternate versions Quex-Ul
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Quex-Ul appeared in the Pocket Universe (allegedly) created by the Time Trapper, along with General Zod and Zaora. The three tricked the Pocket Universe's Lex Luthor into releasing them from the Phantom Zone. After the Pocket Earth's population continued to resist their conquest of it, the three villains destroyed the atmosphere, killing almost all life. Superman defeated them by permanently stripping the three of their super powers with gold kryptonite. He then executed them with kryptonite in punishment for their crimes, and to protect the real Earth after they threatened to somehow regain their powers and destroy it as well. Quex-Ul then turned against Zod and strangled him to death as he himself died of the radiation.

Pocket Universe[]