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Professor Zodiak
Prof Zodiac-ASC42-Elph
Real name Zobar Zodiak
Alias The Alchemist; Professor Zodiak
Occupation Scientist
Alignment Bad
Family none known
Affiliation Ally of Per Degaton
First appearance All-Star Comics vol 1 #42 (Aug 1948)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-Two
Alternate versions none
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Zobar Zodiak was a scientific genius and occultist. He planned to use his knowledge to gain riches, but feared reprisals from heroes like the JSA. He spied on them, and was fortunate enough to hear a man named Galio tell them of four amazing secrets and their locations. Zodiak realised he could become immensely powerful with those secrets, and was able to get to all four before the JSA members, and even captured the heroes. Despite this, the JSA escaped and defeated Zodiak in the end. He escaped in a plane that crashed, and he was believed dead.

It turned out that he had been teleported back in time by Per Degaton and together they fought an earlier incarnation of the JSA. However, the JSA was victorious and Zodiak was teleported back to his own time.



Prof Zodiac-Henchmen-ASC42-Elph