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Powerman (Pre-Crisis)
Powerman DC
Real name Powerman
Alias Superman robot
Occupation Hero robot
Alignment Good
Family none
Affiliation Superman
First appearance World's Finest vol 1 #94 (Jun 1958)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions see Superman disambiguation
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When Batman and Robin summoned Superman to work out a collaborative attack to stop Luthor, they were surprised that Superman arrived with Powerman. Superman unexpectedly claimed that Powerman was his new partner and that Batman and Robin were no longer needed. This does not deter Batman and Robin from continuing their investigation against Luthor, though not directly with Superman. Batman and Robin devised an effective defensive shielding against Luthor's kryptonite ploy. With the threat of Luthor removed, Superman revealed to his friends that Powerman was a remote controlled robot he designed to safeguard them from harm.

While Superman continued to refine and use other robots, he retired the Powerman robot, accepting his steadfast friends' loyalty to repeatedly risk their lives for him, despite any obvious dangers.