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Power Ring III (Antimatter Universe)
Power-Ring 3
Antimatter Universe
Real name Unknown (possibly John Stewart)
Alias Power Ring
Alignment Bad
Family none known
Affiliation Crime Syndicate of Amerika
First appearance JLA vol 1 107 (Dec 2004)
Universe Antimatter Universe
Alternate versions see Power Ring and Green Lantern disambiguations
Crime Syndicate logo


Power Ring was the third holder of the cursed ring after Joseph Harrolds and an unnamed man who may possibly have been called Kyle Rayner. He was previously a slave marine.

He was a member of the Crime Syndicate of Amerika of the Antimatter Universe and was his world's evil counterpart to the John Stewart Green Lantern.

Note: The 'Earth 2' in the origin story [JLA: Earth-2 vol 1 (Jan 2000)] is actually the name the Antimatter Lex Luthor gave to the DC Primary Earth. Nonetheless, some references treat the Antimatter Earth as the titular Earth 2. In reality it is not related to Earth-Two, Earth-2 or Earth 2.

Antimatter Universe[]