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Power Girl (Lois Lane)
Power-girl lois 1960 lys
Real name Lois Lane
Alias Power Girl
Occupation Reporter; Superhero
Alignment Good
Family Lucy Lane (sister); Sam Lane (father); Ella Lane (mother); Louis Lane (cousin)
Affiliation Daily Planet; Metropolis (home city)
First appearance Superman vol 1 #125 (Nov 1958)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions see Lois Lane disambiguation
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Lois Lane suffered a head injury at a Science Fair and was rushed to hospital by Superman. He stayed beside her while she mumbled about the dream she was having. In her dream Lois was a costumed superheroine named Power Girl. She gave a blood transfusion to heal an injured Clark Kent, and he gained super-powers, too. She convinced him to become her partner, Power Man. Unfortunately Clark turned out to be a bungler, and kept messing up. When Lois woke up she was convinced Clark would make a lousy Superman.

Note: This was a dream, NOT an imaginary story, and was never retconned into having happened on any alternate Earth.


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